As you drive across the bridge from Portland, Oregon into Vancouver, Washington, you’ll be greeted by a bright and bold sign that reads “Welcome to Washington”. This iconic sign stands tall and proud, announcing to all who enter the Evergreen State that they have arrived.

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The sign has become an emblematic symbol of the city of Vancouver, Washington, and an important landmark for visitors and locals alike. It has been a fixture on the bridge for over 60 years, and has undergone some renovations to keep it looking its best.

The sign was originally erected in 1957 as a part of a project by the Washington State Department of Transportation to promote tourism in the state. At the time, Vancouver was a much smaller city than it is today, and the sign was strategically placed to attract visitors to the area.

Over the years, the sign has become a beloved symbol of the region. It has been featured in countless photographs, postcards, and advertisements, and has even been used as a backdrop for a number of movies and TV shows.

Today, the sign continues to stand tall and bright, with its bold letters standing out against the blue sky. Its message remains as relevant as ever, as it welcomes visitors to a state full of natural beauty, vibrant cities, and rich culture.

For residents of Vancouver, the sign represents much more than just a welcome to the state. It’s a symbol of pride and a reminder of the unique character of the region. Vancouver itself is a city that has undergone significant growth and change over the years, but the sign remains a constant, standing watch over the Columbia River and the city below.

As the years have passed, the sign has become more than just an advertisement. It’s a sign of the times, a symbol of the past, and a reminder of the enduring spirit of the Pacific Northwest. It’s a symbol of the hard-working people who call this region home, and of the many visitors who come to experience its beauty and charm.

Whether you’re a resident of Vancouver or a visitor to the area, the “Welcome to Washington” sign is a must-see landmark. It’s a testament to the power of advertising, the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and the enduring spirit of those who call this region home. So the next time you find yourself driving across the bridge into Vancouver, take a moment to glance up at the sign and let its message sink in. Because there’s no place quite like Washington, and the “Welcome to Washington” sign is the perfect gateway to the state’s many wonders.

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