Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs Homeowners Can Rely On

Roof and Shingle Repair

There’s nothing more disconcerting than looking up and seeing water damage on the ceiling. Not only does this a create a worrisome situation for busy homeowners, it’s a complicated problem for the untrained.

Fortunately, there are highly trained professionals in your area who are happy to help fix your leaky or otherwise damaged roof! Roofs and gutters in the Northwest get more than their fair share of nasty weather, and eventually they can suffer from enough damage to bring the problem indoors.

Whether the scale of damage is large or small, the professionals at Executive Roof Services can help. We offer leak repair and assistance in keeping your roof structurally sound with maintenance services.

Roof damage can easily lead to costly repairs of indoor walls and ceilings.

Our preventative maintenance services help you detect damage before it causes larger problems. Make the smart choice! Call us today!

Is it Time for Roof Maintenance?

If you just bought your house, there’s a good chance you’ll at least need some roof repairs. Roofs in the Northwest tend to last around ten to twenty years depending on how well it’s been cared for or if it has suffered damage in that time.

Here are some indications that your roof is due for repair:

    • Moss accumulation is evident
    • Environmental pollutants are dense in the area
    • The roof is in a location that receives a large amount of rain and hail
    • Recent windstorms have led to falling debris from nearby trees
    • The roof has been through a series of ice storms
    • Your roof is a victim of old age and neglect
    • There is sitting or pooled water in certain areas
    • Intense sun rays have made shingles brittle

Call our professional roofing contractors for reliable roof repairs.

Not all roof repairs are performed by licensed professionals. Don’t leave your valuable property in the hands of amateurs. At ERS, we consistently uphold our reputation as the best roofing service in the area. Don’t wait to care for one of the most critical features of your home.