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Roof Repair Hillsboro

Roof Repair For The Elements

Roof Repair Hillsboro

Roof repair is something most homeowners dread, and when the roof does need repair, it is crucial to get not only the finest quality materials available but the best price on installing those materials, as well. Timely repairs to your home or business roof can save you the more significant expenses of a replacement. Many roofing contractors do not do roof repairs and will insist on replacing the roof, costing their customers more in the end. Depending on your budget or the actual problems that your roof may have, you may not need roof replacement services. The team of certified roofing contractors at Executive Roof Services will provide a free estimate and thorough inspection to help you determine the best plan of action for your roofing repairs.

Benefits of Roof Repair and Maintenance

Over the natural course of time, a roof may require repairs or maintenance. Residents and business owners in Hillsboro know they can rely on Executive Roof Services to provide timely and affordable roof repairs that will help them avoid more costly residential roofing and commercial roofing services down the road.

The benefits of repairing and maintaining your roof far outweigh the costs of neglect. Some advantages to addressing roof repairs include:

  • Protection: Homeowners depend on the roof of their home to protect everyone and everything inside it, as well as the structure itself. The roof is the first defense against the harsh elements that come with the various seasons in the Pacific Northwest. Consider your roof as the ultimate protection regarding everything you own.
  • Cost Savings: A roof is one of the most substantial investments that you make in a home. While it can be costly to put a new roof on your home, that investment will ultimately be of less value to you if you fail to maintain or repair it when necessary. A homeowner will better realize the value of their investment by properly maintaining the roof and addressing any damage issues as soon as they are suspected. Routine roof inspections can catch damage before more expensive measures must be taken.
  • Increased Home Value: A clean and properly maintained roof that is free from needing any repair and has been recently inspected can add value to a home, particularly when preparing to sell. In a buyer’s eyes, a home that has a roof that will not require any attention for some time is far more attractive than another house where the roof has not been adequately maintained.
  • Energy Savings: A leaky roof means a drafty home, which leads to energy bills that will run higher than necessary. This translates to lost energy and money wasted month to month, and season by season. Roof repairs made to your home that are promptly addressed can save you hundreds of dollars over a year in heating and cooling costs.
Roof Repair Services Hillsboro

If you suspect trouble spots on your roof, it is essential to contact a reputable roofing company that can make repairs quickly and efficiently to protect you from loss. Executive Roof Services offers free estimates and expert service to residents in Southwest Washington.

Read Some Interesting FAQ’s About Roofing From the Experts at Executive Roof Services

Don’t Trust Roof Repairs to Just Anyone

When you call the expert roofing team at Executive Roof Services, you can rest assured that you will receive honest, reliable service from roofers that you can trust with a warranty to match our work. Executive Roof Services is family-owned and operated with a team of professionally trained employees with years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on exceptional service and value, which helped us earn the 2017 Best of Home Guide award. We’ve worked hard to cultivate a reputation based on prompt and reliable residential and commercial services for all of our customers. We can provide different types of roofing services in Hillsboro, including repairs, roof installations, and more. Contact us today to get started on your residential or commercial property!

Common Roofing Company Questions

How do I know if I need a new roof?
Signs include leaks, missing shingles, curling or cracked shingles, and age exceeding 20-25 years.
Can I install a new roof over an existing one?
It’s generally possible, but it’s recommended to remove the old roof to avoid potential issues. Some local building codes may restrict this practice.
What causes roof leaks?
Leaks can result from various issues, such as damaged shingles, clogged gutters, flashing problems, improper installation, or aging materials.
Should I repair or replace my roof?
It depends on the extent of the damage, age of the roof, and cost-effectiveness. We can help determine the best course of action. Contact us today.
How can I improve the energy efficiency of my roof?
Options include installing reflective roofing materials, improving insulation, and ensuring proper attic ventilation to reduce heat transfer and lower energy costs.


Hillsboro is one of the oldest and largest communities in Washington County. The population is over 100,000 and continues to grow annually. Hillsboro is also part of the Silicon Forest region, which is a nickname given to the group of high-tech companies that are clustered together in the Portland metropolitan area. Companies like Intel, Xerox, and Epson are all located in the Silicon Forest along with many other technology-based companies. In addition to its high-tech industry, Hillsboro is also popular among the locals for its craft breweries, wineries, and vineyards. The landscape is beautiful and attracts many native birds to the wetlands, offering birdwatchers a fantastic show every year. There is no shortage of local entertainment and community gatherings. Annual events like the Oregon International Air Show and the Washington County Fair attract many locals and tourists every year. And you can’t forget all the cultural attractions on Main Street, downtown Hillsboro. Walters Cultural Arts Center and other local theaters feature exhibits and live performances. There are several other shops, antique stores, restaurants, and fine wineries all along the street. And the Hillsboro Farmers Market that is held every Saturday from May to October goes hand in hand with the Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace that is held every Tuesday from June to August. There are so many wonderful things to do and see in Hillsboro that one could never grow bored of this city. From outdoor activities like hiking, baseball, and farmer’s markets to local restaurants, distilleries, and vineyards. Not to mention all the cultural art galleries, museums, and studios. There’s a reason that Hillsboro residents love their city so much.