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Need to Find a Contractor for Siding or Construction?

You’re in luck. We offer more than just roofing services! Interested in other types of home construction or remodel? Due to the volume of client requests, Executive Roof Services now offer a number of related services. Our field staff truly care about clients’ needs and clearly communicate our process, including answering questions regarding construction estimates, contracts, and post-construction clean-up.

In addition to your roofing, we can also help with:

  • Exterior siding
  • Interior and exterior remodel
  • Windows and doors
  • Decks and patios

Need to Repair or Replace Exterior Siding?

We can do the job for you! Your home’s exterior siding panels protect the walls from the weather, moisture, and harsh temperatures. It also is a key element of your home’s aesthetic appeal. We offer repair and installation for all types including vinyl siding and wood. We can also help with house siding ideas if you’re remodeling and undecided about materials, colors, or other options.

House Siding Replacement to Withstand the Elements.

With more frequent and unpredictable weather patterns, siding can fast become damaged or worn. Since siding is the first layer of protection against the cold, heat, wind, precipitation, and noise, taking care of wear and tear should be a high priority. If your home’s siding is too far gone to fix, we can help with everything from deciding how to remove your old siding to installing a whole new system.

Siding Repair to Keep Your Home Insulated.

Cracked, broken, or rotted siding can be an eyesore on an otherwise pristine home. And while a DIY approach may seem appealing for low-cost reasons, the potential headaches will make the cheap price point seem barely worth it. We offer reasonable prices and stress-free service for your siding repair needs.

Interior Remodel Ideas that Work.

Discovering the potential of your home starts with imagination. Whereas the practical application of home remodeling takes skill and experience. Our full-service construction will help you with the planning and execution of your ideal remodel. Need home renovation on a budget? We can worth with you to find the simplest solutions with the most dramatic effects. Interior remodeling costs depend on the scale of the project, but we can provide up-front estimates to get you started.

Make a Statement With an Exterior Remodel.

Whether you’re preparing to sell you home or are simply just bored by its basic design, our home remodel services can help you add exciting curb-appeal. Even small-budget changes like siding material around the entry can have a big impact. For years we have helped homeowners all over the Vancouver area find ways to boost the lackluster features of their house into something photo-worthy.

Is it Time to Update Your Home’s Windows and Doors?

Exterior window and door replacement is an easy way to improve your home’s energy efficiency as well as its visual appeal. Many homes in the area lose large amounts of heat in the winter through old windows, for example. Though they are a charming feature of historic homes, eventually they have to go. We can help you find windows and doors that match your home’s historical architecture while meeting updated energy-efficiency standards.

Time-Saving Deck and Patio Construction.

Ready to build a new deck or patio? Our contractors are ready to help! This can be a risky and daunting process for amateurs, so leaving it to the pros can alleviate the unnecessary stress and time commitment. If you have a plan in mind, we can bring it to reality through careful planning and execution.

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