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Condo Roofing Portland

Proper Care For Condo Roofs

Condo Roofing Portland

Apartments, condos, and townhomes all fall under the classification of “multi-family” housing. People live in a variety of multi-family homes, and they rely on the structural integrity of these buildings to keep them and their families safe. Part of the integrity of all these properties is the roof. It is an incredibly important component for any building because it is responsible for keeping the elements out, taking the brute force from any storms, and resisting any extreme weather that comes around. Living in the Pacific Northwest means we receive plenty of rainy days, your roof should be more than capable of handling this, but only if it is well-maintained. A neglected roof will start to deteriorate, causing significant performance issues. Broken flashing or shingles which can cause leaks, mold or moss growth and all sorts of other serious problems can arise if your roof isn’t correctly maintained. Executive Roof Services offers comprehensive roofing services for condos, apartments, and other multi-family housing units in the Portland area. We offer the most extensive roof repair services in the area and stand behind our quality work.

Professional Roofing For Multi-Family Properties

Taking care of the roof of your building means more than just calling the repair guy every time there’s a leak. Taking care of your roof means being proactive with your maintenance. Inspect your roofs after any significant storm to check for damages to the shingles or the flashing. Regular cleaning is also vital in the longevity of your roof. It prevents moss from growing, which will grow roots, causing cracks, which will lead to leaking. But none of these repairs should be done without a professional. Multi-family roofing is a lot more complicated and involved than residential roofing because the area itself is more abundant, and you’re working on several families’ homes all at once.

Multi-Family Roofing Portland

When these roofs aren’t taken care of properly, it can affect many different people. If a leak develops on the top floor and isn’t properly handled, it could continue moving on to the next level and the floor after that and so on. These roofs have many more people relying on them than other buildings. They need to be properly repaired and maintained by professionals that have experience working with these kinds of roofs.

Leading Company For Condo Roofing in Portland

Executive Roof Services has been helping residents of Washington and Oregon for many years with all of their roofing needs. We help everyone no matter what kind of property you have; residential, commercial, and multi-family. And we’ll help you with whatever service you need; repair, maintenance and replacements. Repairing the roof on an apartment, condo, or any other type of multi-family home should only be done by professionals with the proper experience and knowledge to do the job correctly. And our team at ERS has the skills to perform these services with accuracy and long-lasting results.

Working with our team means you’ll never have to worry about your roof again because you have a dependable company that is always there. We even offer a maintenance program to ensure your roof keeps doing its job for years to come. This means you’ll be alerted at the first signs of damages or wear and tear, and our team will repair them right away, so there’s no risk to your roof. Give us a call today and keep your roof in safe hands!


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