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Your Questions Answered About Residential Roof Repair

You have questions about residential roof repair. Lucky for you, we have expert answers to provide. Here are some questions that local roofing contractors often hear from customers, with our responses:

How often should I have my roof professionally inspected?

Once a year is ideal. Roof problems can occur during any season, and depending on how tall your home is, you might not see any problems before it’s too late (and they escalate into bigger problems). If you want to wait longer between inspections, once every three years on asphalt and cedar roofs is acceptable. That said, anytime a severe weather event batters your house (and, say, you find a shingle in your yard afterward), ordering a professional inspection—particularly if years have passed since your last one—is wise. And of course, if you feel something is amiss with your roof, don’t hesitate to give a residential roof repair expert a call to look.

Why can’t I just make a roof repair myself?

The roof might be one of the trickiest parts of your home to repair yourself. For starters, there’s the safety issue—climbing ladders and potentially falling off your house is no joke. Second, if you aren’t careful, you can damage your roof more simply by walking across it. Third, roof repairs must be done just right, or you risk, at best, not fixing the problem at all or, at worst, creating a bigger problem. Finally, the minor repair you attempt might be a symptom of a bigger issue that a local roofing contractor is likelier to catch. Trusting a residential roof repair expert may cost money, but in the long run, it will most likely save you money.

Is that missing shingle really a big deal?

Roof RepairAfter a particularly windy day, you notice one shingle missing from your roof. No big deal, right? Wrong. Water can potentially seep into your home from that missing shingle. Moreover, wind and water can upend other shingles through the gap that the missing one created. And why did that shingle fail in the first place? It could be a sign of roof damage that should at least be inspected by a local roofing contractor.

Can I trust the contractor who came to my door offering a free roof inspection?

No! More than likely, any contractor who knocks on your door unsolicited and offers to look for a problem on your roof will find one—or even create one—in order to be hired. These shady contractors rely on nervous homeowners and their insurance policies to make a fast buck. Most often, the repair is substandard, overpriced, not guaranteed, and possibly even unnecessary. The best residential roofing contractors don’t need to look for work—their reputations (often bolstered by certifications and online reviews) speak for themselves.

How important is it that a contractor is insured?

Insurance is incredibly important, not only for any damage that the local roofing contractor might inadvertently cause to your home but also in case someone on the contractor’s crew is injured on the job. Because the injury happened on your property, you could be held liable to pay workman’s comp if an employee of an uninsured roofer falls off a ladder—and don’t be surprised if your homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover such an injury. Ask about insurance and don’t hire a contractor that doesn’t have it.

What steps can I take to maintain my roof?

The best advice we can give about roof maintenance we’ve already sort of given: Have your roof regularly inspected for problems. That said, there are other steps you can take to maintain the life of your roof. Keep your gutters clear of debris, because if a gutter fails, it could take shingles out with it. Carefully clear leaves from your roof and prune any overhanging branches that might grow into your shingles. Look for moss and algae that might be growing on your roof and remove any critters that may have taken up residence atop your house. Finally, if any issues do arise, do not hesitate to call a residential roof repair expert right away. The last thing you want is for a minor problem to turn into a major catastrophe.

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Your Questions Answered About Residential Roof Repair

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