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Should I Fix My Roof Before Investing in Solar Panels?

Investing in solar panels is a huge step. Make sure to give yourself a moment to consider the game plan for any roof services that need to be made before you make this next investment. However, with that said, most times you will not need a complete roof repair before you install solar panels.

In fact, given the right sun exposure and placement, almost any roof can have solar panels installed on it. But you might want to consider how much solar panels weigh,  you’ll want to make sure that your roof can withstand that load before installation occurs. Some things that need to be considered to assess the roof’s health for solar panels are the roof’s overall condition, age, material, and if your roof has the right angle for sufficient sun exposure.

These signs will help you decide if you need to replace or repair your roof prior to a solar panel investment.

Condition of Roof

If your current roof has leaked, you’ll definitely need to repair it before installing solar panels. Some other things to keep an eye out for are if there are missing shingles, tiles or shakes, curling of the shingles along the outer edges, and exposed nail heads throughout the roof coverings.

If you see water damage or any signs of leakage such as mold, finding a roof repair in Vancouver or any trusted professional in your city should be the first step.

Age of Roof

If your roof was installed more than ten years ago, you should have it carefully inspected before installing solar panels. While most roofs do last 15-20 years and the panels will naturally protect the areas of the roof it will cover, replacing it may be the smartest idea as making changes to the roof after the solar panels are installed will be more expensive.

Solar units can last a long time, so you want to make sure your roof will last just as long. Thankfully, if any roof repairs or replacement is suggested, the installation can, in fact, help your roof last longer, as well as keep the temperature in your home more moderate.

This upfront cost will likely save you in more ways than one down the line.

Roof Material

Roofing ServiceYou want to make sure that the roof can support the extra weight and installation of the solar panels prior to installation. While almost all roofing material can easily have solar panels added to it, some are more challenging to work with. In fact, many solar companies will not install solar on homes with Spanish-style tiles.

While technology continues to evolve, if you are looking to add solar and are also at the point when you need to replace your roofing, asphalt and composite shingles, as well as metal roofing are some of your best options.

In fact, many customers now prefer metal roofs for their clients who want solar as there are limited to no penetrations needed to secure the panels in place.

Type of Roof

Your roof can be flat or steep as it can be adjusted to fit the solar panel accordingly. Each type of roof will require a different job. If your roof has a steep slope, you may need specialized equipment to install the panels. For sloped roofs, solar shingles may be your best option.

No matter which panel you were leaning toward, the ideal roof pitch is 30 degrees, facing south. This is optimal for best solar panel performance. However, if your roof faces east and west, panels can be added to both sides to offset the orientation and increase system performance.

You should also replace, repair, and inspect the covering of the roof. Solar panels attach to mounts that attach to the roof, so you want to make sure that you are attaching to a roof that isn’t leaking or one that you’ll need to replace sooner than later. This will also cost more in the end as you will need to reinstall the roof after repairs. This can also void the manufacturer warranty and put the newly installed solar panels at an additional risk.

Making these adjustments can be costly, but installing solar panels without double-checking if your roof can handle it will be more of a financial burden. Over time, solar panels will help you save money on the electricity bill and energy for the world, so taking this big step requires some preparation. If you are in the northwest, you can always contact a roof repair in Vancouver to help assist with any roof issues or replacements.

Solar Panel Removal if Roof Replacement is Needed

Solar panel removal post-installation costs will vary based on the size of the system and the kind of labor involved. Because of the extra cost, it is highly recommended to have your roof surveyed by a professional before having solar panels installed.

The roofing contractor will look for signs such as mildew in specific areas, material wear, any roof weaknesses, and rotting.

Most solar companies don’t offer roof services, so you’ll need to find a separate company to perform your roof repair.

Re-roofing is regularly done alongside installing solar panels, so if you are planning on replacing or fixing the roof, be sure to factor that timeline and financial plan in with the solar panel installation.

Replacing or fixing a roof can be costly, but solar panels can save you thousands of dollars over the course of the system’s lifetime.

If there is a potential roof repair needed, check out Executive Roof Services for your roof repair Vancouver needs. Having a go-to trusted professional evaluate your roof will help in making the best decision for you and your home moving forward.

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Should I Fix My Roof Before Investing in Solar Panels?

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