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The Roofing Advancements You’ll Want to Know About

ERS Provides More Than Just Roof Installations

At Executive Roof Services, we do more than just install new roofs. We are here for all of your roof repairs, upkeep and renovations. We are proud to be knowledgeable in all of the current roofing advancements that are out there. We want your roof to do more than just look good and properly function. We want you to have the best, sturdiest, most modern roof on the market. This is why we want to share some of the current roofing advancements available through your local roofing company.

A Greener Roof

Green homes are becoming more popular and with this have come more advancements in roofing materials. In fact, there are many new roofing materials out there that will give your home superior insulation over your current roof. These products also promote more effective cooling for your home, which translates to lower electric costs, especially during the warm summer months. In addition, by using less energy, not only are you paying a lower utility bill, but you are helping the environment by contributing less to pollution.

Another perk of all of this is that these materials and installation tend to result in superior roofing design. Who doesn’t enjoy good curbside appeal? Shingles with reflective granules also allow for a greener home. Granule technology has been around for a bit as they are an integral part of a roofing shingle. The asphalt adhesion’s help keep the color of the shingles bright and protect it in certain climates. These shingles also reflect a greater amount of solar energy than the traditional roofing granules. This limits the heat and solar radiation that can enter the home, lowering the temperature of the roof when the sun is out.

Fireproof Roofing

In recent years, there have been advancements in fireproof coatings used on roofs. Many different options are now available to add more protection to certain roofing types, such as wooden shakes, while metal, slate, and tile roofing materials are all non-combustible.

Advancements in fireproof roofing are still occurring and experiments continue to further combat potential fires from igniting after a lightning strike, for example. These include testing new materials, such as using volcanic rock to try to stunt the spread of flames. Volcanic rock is being used as it needs more energy than other materials in order to react. This reaction creates more energy than it generates, which draws the heat into the rock, in turn weakening the blaze of the fire and preventing its spread. As fire can be a common fear for many, these advancements have been and continue to be ongoing. Here at your local roofing company, we are always looking for ways to help ease your worries and stay up to date on ways to protect you and your home.

Cool Roofs

Some commercial roofs are also specifically designed and constructed to be “cool” roofs. These roofs are purposefully made to both reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof. This lowers the roof temperature and releases less heat back into the environment.

Using reflective granules, reflective coating, and thermoplastic membranes are just some of the most common types of cool roofs. An important thing to note here is that color used to matter in the past as a roof that is a lighter color will naturally perform better in terms of cooling a building than a black or darker colored roof. Light colors not only absorb less heat than darker colors, but they are also very good solar reflectors.

However, in recent years, changes have been implemented and cool roofs can be found in materials made in rich, dark hues. You no longer need to settle for a light-colored roof if you do not want to. Additionally, as more infrastructure continues to be built within close proximity, cool roofs are becoming a more common trend due to its positive impact on the environment. When many buildings close to each other have cool roofs, this can collectively reduce the local air temperature.

Roof Accessories

Another accessory improvement that has been made is in synthetic underlayments. These synthetic underlayments offer many new advantages. They are extremely lightweight and more weather and slip-resistant. There have also been advancements in terms of the packaging of roof shingles, which is quite important to note. In the past, asphalt shingles were wrapped in cardboard or paper. This would be a problem if the weather conditions outside were rainy, causing the shingles to be harmed even prior to installation. Today, however, shingles are bundled in plastic, which protects them, ensuring that they are in the best possible condition when installed on your roof, resulting in a longer lifespan.

It’s also important to share that not all of these above methods are brand new. However, they are becoming more common than they were in the past, and many new advancements are still being made to improve upon what’s already on the market. While roofing advancements are a bit slow to take hold, the research continues to find new ways to lower costs and lengthen product lifespan, while finding better ways to keep homes and businesses protected from the elements. Work is diligently being done to ensure your safety and the longevity of your roof.

Advances In Roofing

Roofing MaterialsAs technology advances, so do the ways in which we are able to install and maintain your roof. At your local roofing company, we enjoy staying up to date on the latest trends and sharing them with you, so that you know all of your options. We want to ensure that you are getting the best roof for you and for your family.

Thanks to all of the above improvements that have occurred in the past few years, we can help you select the right roofing materials for your particular situation and budget. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

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The Roofing Advancements You’ll Want to Know About

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