Do I Need a New Roof if I Have Discolored Shingles?

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Do I Need A New Roof If I Have Discolored Shingles

Your Best Local Roofing Company Offers Insight Your roof is quite literally your shelter from the storm. But unfortunately, all things do not necessarily improve with age and time, like a fine wine. Some things lose their luster and appeal as the years go by. That’s why you may eventually notice discoloration or black streaks […]

What Should I Ask Before Hiring Vancouver Roofing Contractors

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Roofing Contractor Vancouver

Hiring Roofing Contractors in Vancouver With winter well on its way, it might be time to consider the state of your roof. Is there a leak you’ve been ignoring? Noticed a patch of mold or dirt? It’s time to stop putting your roof repair on hold until some far off point in the future. Why […]

What Can I Expect if My Roof Has Water Damage?

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roof water damage

With summer now in the past and winter in the very near future, more rain is practically a guarantee. Unfortunately, wet weather can cause, or dramatically exacerbate, damage to a home. Over time, roofs become weakened due to exposure to the elements. And, while a typical roof will last between 20 to 30 years, it […]

What You Should Know About Composition Shingles

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Choosing Roof Shingles

Importance Of Quality Roofing Choosing a roofing system is one of the most important decisions you can make as a homeowner. The roof over your head not only protects you, your family, and all your belongings from the elements, it provides comfort and a sense of security. With the many choices of roofing shingles available […]

The Best Roofing Materials For Rainy Weather Environments

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Best Roofing Material For Washington

Choosing Your Roof Material Come rain, sun, and snow, your house or building’s roof is your primary defense against the forces of nature. The Pacific Northwest is a region that usually experiences high precipitation and strong winds, and thus the roofing materials that you select is that much more important. The style of your roof […]

What Is A Roofing Membrane & Do I Need One?

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Commercial Roofing

A common feature added to many roofs is a membrane or a thin protective material that prevents leaks. There are a lot of factors that can help you decide if a roof membrane is right for you. Roofing membranes can be made of any number of materials and they’re not always necessary to protect your […]

Options For A Shingled Roof?

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Roof Shingles

A roof is one of the most critical layers of a home. The shingles act as a barrier between a home’s construction and the elements. When in good condition, they add value to a home. If not, they can wreak havoc on belongings and structural design. Like other materials used to build a home, a […]

The Most Sustainable Roofing Materials

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Roofing Materials

Choosing Roofing Material Surrounded by lush greenery all year long in the Pacific Northwest and never take for granted the nearby forests that are our playground. This has lead to a deep appreciation for our natural surroundings. So we follow “leave no trace” practices when we hike and implement “green” lifestyles even when we return […]

Cool Roof 101: Answers to Your Most Common Questions

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Cools Roofs

Roofing Industry Improvements In the last few years, there have been continued improvements to the roofing industry, especially when it comes to providing long-lasting solutions that are also eco-friendly. A cool roof is just one of those options. Commonly added onto commercial buildings, cool roofs are an ideal long-term investment and also complements the addition […]

Pros & Cons of TPO Roofing

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Commercial Roofs

Why Consider a TPO Roof? If you are thinking about installing single ply roofing on your home or business, before you make your decision and call in a professional roofing contractor to do the work, TPO (thermoplastic olefin) is an option you should most definitely consider. TPO is energy efficient and just as strong as EPDM […]



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