Not all roofing companies are created equal!

We know that there are unprofessional roofing contractors in Portland, and they give our industry a bad name. There is no room for low-quality work in a city that draws nearly 40,000 new residents each year. There is a reason so many people want a slice of the city — quality!

The owners of Executive Roof Services of Portland have decades of experience driving sales while maintaining financial and operational responsibility in the industry. The company boasts unequaled experience in producing quality work while hiring and training an elite office and field staff.

We help homeowners in Portland add to the long-term value of their homes. Choose a company who delivers construction designed for long-term performance.

ERS technical services can find a solution for any type of roofing issue. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

ERS employs qualified crew members who understand the business inside and out. Our office staff can answer your roof repair questions and make sure your needs are being met. We walk you through price estimates and what to expect once we arrive at your home or business.

Communication is the key to quality customer service.

Roofing Company in Portland
A roofing company should always offer quality service and professionalism, but after all is said and done, how was the experience? Maybe the work is sound, but did the crew leave a mess of waste materials in the side yard? Was the phone representative easy to get a hold of? Were pricing and payment processes communicated clearly?

  • ERS installs roofs and gutters quickly and properly.
  • We listen to our clients and understand their overall goals.
  • We know what questions to ask and what information to provide upfront, so the client doesn’t have to spend time wondering.
  • We take the time to explain our processes and which solutions will meet our customer’s needs.

Nothing is worse than bad-mannered workers making a scene on your property. A roof is a valuable thing! Our crew is professional and approachable; doing the job right while bearing in mind the significance of the work being performed is also paramount to our company’s success.

Executive Roof Services are a certified roofing company.

Don’t try your luck with an uncertified roofing company. We’ve heard the horror stories about roofers who disappear before finishing a job, or who use poor quality materials only to return a year later to repair their own shoddy work. You can rely on our team to provide glowing customer testimonials and legal credentials to ensure that the work you pay for will be worth every penny.