Executive Roof Services

300 W 15th St #305
Vancouver WA 98660
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Providing exceptional roofing services for decades.

With complete sales, operational and financial responsibility for regions ranging from $15MM to $60MM in revenues in their past positions, the owners of ERS gained unequaled experience in how to produce quality work while hiring and training an elite office and field staff. With past individual projects ranging from $500 repairs to $4.2MM structural rebuild projects, they have gained unrivaled experience with all types of roof system solutions in any environment.

Born with the idea of improving customer experience.

About Us

Michael Mecham and Eric Pauly worked for the largest roofing contractor in North America for decades. As the organization grew, they saw the effects that corporate agendas and politics had on the client experience and the average employee’s satisfaction.

They soon began to realize the positive impact they could have on local clients and employees if they removed the shackles that they had been accustomed to working under. They are now committed to delivering a high level of quality and experience unequaled in the industry.

Commitment to customer experience.

Our Team

Many contractors are highly skilled in installing quality roofs but lack the ability to truly listen to their clients. Michael and Eric understand the overall goals and needs of building owners, which involve more than just doing the work and clocking out. ERS ensures that their clients know exactly what to expect and take the time to explain how a custom solution will meet their needs.

Executive Roof Services embody quality and integrity.

We have seen the negative effects that unresponsive or sloppy roofing contractors have had on our industry. At ERS we belive in backing our words with our actions and always delivering a quality product!